Make it personal.

Twik automatically personalizes websites to increase conversions. With unique machine learning algorithms capable of understanding site structures and traffic, Twik provides your visitors with tailored content and creates an engaging experience for all users.

Pre-funnel Profiling

Unique capability to target users with GDPR-compliant demographical KPIs on their 1st pageview.

Personalization Automation

Twik understands site structures, identifies objectives, and automatically displays best performing variants.

One Minute Setup

Installation is simple, add a single JavaScript snippet to the <head> tag.</head>

Feature name

Simple, powerful targeting.

Target and retarget your users using pre-funnel based KPIs, session events, browsing history, and/or A.I. generated logics designed to maximize your goal conversions.

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Feature name

AI Personalization.

Twik understands your site structure and automatically identifies objectives prior to deploying changes. It serves your users with tailored pages to enhance and focus their journey towards achieving those objectives. In other words; combining logics from the fields of user experience and behavioral testing, along with smart machine learning algorithms, Twik simplifies things for you by not having to tell us what it is you are trying to achieve.

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Simple, Powerful Targeting

Target and retarget your users using pre-funnel based KPIs, session events, browsing history, and/or AI generated logics designed to maximize your goal conversions.

Instant Visual Editor

Twik features a simple, yet powerful, visual editor that lets you tweak any element on your website including text-blocks, images, buttons, HTML & JavaScript code and placeholders to fully personalize visitors’ experience.

Business Intelligence

Twik's dashboard lets you measure your site's growth. There is no need for a secondary analytics tool as you will able to retrieve and analyze all the differnt audience segments vs your site content. Easily distinguish sucessful variants.

You're in good company

Our clients and partners range from small businesses to large enterprises, and we have had the pleasure of serving their needs and satisfying their audiences.

"It took no time to implement so we were able to start testing right away. It hit the mark for us when we were able to target first-time users right off the bat. Twik knows what works best for potential clients and it led to a significant increase in sales closed."
Gil Matzliah
CEO, NoviSign Digital Signage
Improved Conversions

Getting started is easy

One minute installation. Twik's only setup requirement is a single snippet to be placed in your site <head> tag. No hassle, no complications, no need to be an IT/UX expert.

See plans & pricing

Compatible with All

Post-dom JavaScript snippet that integrates with any website and provides additional CMS fallback.

Wordpress Extension

Wordpress extension for an easy installation. Just put your user ID and you're ready to get started.

Google Ads Extension

Google Ads extension that automatically converts your ads into custom tracking templates.

URL Content Editor

Easily change the content of your website directly from the URL.

Funnel Targeting

Target and display personalized content for users who visited specific pages on your website.

GDPR Ready

GDPR compliant techniques to target every user anonymously without storing any recognizable details.

Try it now

See what Twik can do for you with our free 14-day evaluation period, limited to  1,000 pageviews.

Learn more

Learn more about Twik and get impressed with all the features it has to offer.

MP4 video of the layout of the website changing according to the profile, e.g. elements moving, language and currency change, different products displayed on sale according to income, targeting interests somehow, and new/returning visitors.

-Create a video for moving elements on the page, according to the user.
-Create a video for the visual editor
-Create 2 versions of the same website (for the slider)
-Screenshot conditions
-Create a screenshot and typed text for the changing url and text
-Find icons and companies
-Moving focus, from feature to feature, on the fold here

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