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Twik - Personalization Automation & User Experience BI Tool

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The first real-time automated web-personalization engine

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A single line of code to deploy a cloud-based
framework with the tools to grow your business

AI+BI engines

The first automated, no-configuration
business intelligence & personalization engine

Meet Twik

The first automated, no-configuration business intelligence & personalization automation engine.
Track and analyze auto-detected business goals and see how they convert for different user profiles.

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To make it easy, we automated everything.

User Profiling

Record user behavioral, psychographic & demographic metrics. Cross-reference profiles with auto-detected goals to learn how visitors interact with your funnel.

User Targeting

Utilize any collected metric, alone or combined, to analyze or target audiences. For example, Spanish speaking users can be targeted with Spanish content.

Goal Detection

No-hassle conversion tracking. Count leads, cart additions, checkouts and other objectives without ever configuring anything.

User Journeys

Fueled by our rich KPIs, our user explorer enables you to better analyze how users engage with your funnel, counting every event.


We use fingerprints instead of cookies to pinpoint users, providing a more accurate, GDPR-compliant user tracking with broader & richer target audiences.

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