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All-in-One Analytics & Personalization Tool

Twik let's you test unlimited combinations of elements using Adaptive Multivariate Testing and target your audience based on age, demographics, and interest, to provide an engaging experience and increase revenue.

Know your audience

Twik features a powerful analytics tool that allows you to gain insight on your visitors. With over 30 KPIs such as demographical profiles, geographical locations, and social interests and more you can better understand your audience and see how they react on your website.
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Personalized User Experience

Twik’s adaptive multivariate testing analyzes variants of two or more elements simultaneously to see which combination has the most effective for each visitor.

Light-fast Setup

1 minute. Seriously. All Twik requires is a single snippet of JS to be placed in the  tag and run site-wide. You can now get access to never-before measured analytics, customize and alternate site content via our SaaS platform or your URL, and have the ability to run unlimited, machine learning based multivariate testing.

CMS Fallback

Twik enables you to edit your site's content via its post-dom rendering script. Simply put, this acts as an easy solution for immediate text, or image, replacement throughout the site. This is all done without affecting the actual content of your markup that is read by Google crawlers. You can easily replace content, either temporarily or permanently, when your main CMS can't support the desired change or when your webmaster isn't available.
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Adwords Extension

Twik enables you to control your site's content via the URL. This means that you can append your Adwords ads into their 'final URLs' which will then reflect your ad on the actual landing page. We created an Adwords extension to enable you the quick rewrite of your final URLs, be it 100 or 100k ads. With proven lower CPC's due to the improvement of quality scores, alongside increased conversions from personalized messaging, the results can be astonishing.
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