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Twik is the only personalization platform that takes 1 minute to setup by implementing a single snippet to deploy GDPR-compliant pre-funnel profiling capabilities.
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What is Twik?

Twik is a cloud platform that tailors content and user experience (UX) according to each visitor’s demographical and behavioral data. It features tens of key performance indicators that you can target with based on real-time actions. Twik understands your objectives as a site owner and serves each of your users with personalized funnels designed to enhance their experience and increase conversions.


Uses a proprietary GDPR-compliant fingerprinting technology to anonymously target & re-target users without the use of cookies or local storage.

Automated personalization

Twik understands site structures, identifies objectives, and automatically displays best performing variants.

Prefunnel profiling

Unique capability to target users with demographical KPIs on their 1st pageview.

One-minute setup

Installation is simple, add a single JavaScript snippet to the tag.



Roi Sorezki


Roi Sorezki has been involved in the internet optimization and marketing community since 1997 when, as a teenager, he founded his first company specializing in web development and design.

Yossi Gadol


A Software developer, data architect and system engineer with almost 20 years of expirience in developing and utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Dan Schamir


Dan Schamir is the VP business development at Twik. He has over 20 years of experience in the online marketing field, running campaigns worldwide of over $1 billion dollars in total.

Avi Goldfinger


Avi has over a decade of experience in the online marketing industry worldwide, and is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record. As twik's VP of strategic planning, he's responsible for planning, developing, and sustaining corporate strategy.

Eric Dumain

VP Europe

With 20 years of experience, Eric is a digital business veteran. He is an entrepreneur who has built and launched digital technologies in EMEA and USA. As Twik's VP Europe, he is responsible for the development of our vision and business in the territory.

Daniel Alter


Daniel Alter is a UI/UX expert with experience designing mobile and desktop web applications. He's passionate about making the user experience and interfaces useful, efficient, and appealing.

Dror Barnea

Head of CRO

As Head of CRO, Dror is responsible for facilitating customer experience excellence throughout our company. Dror sets goals to the conversion optimization teams, ensures quality of execution, and maximizing our customer lifetime value growth.

Roman Horsun

Head of Front-End

Roman Hursun is responsible for building the client-side of our web applications. He translates our company and customer needs into functional and appealing interactive applications using React.JS in an agile environment.

Moran Katz


Moran leads the company's business operations globally, providing leadership, direction, and oversight toward the achievement of agency goals and objectives.

Stav Romano


Stav is a certified fraud examiner and internal auditer with years experience in fraud detection for Fahn Kanne & Co. She is accountable for the administrative and financial operations of the company.

Davidenko alexey
Davidenko Alexey

Senior Front-end engineer

Alexey is a Javascript developer experienced from the basic to deep and cutting edge JS frameworks. He is a good team-player who solves and implements the new ideas of the Twik.

Diana Dror

Administrative Manager

Diana is an administrative manager and a personal assistant to CEO. Diana is a queen of accounting and reporting systems at twik. She is also a natural healer and a leader of daily stretching exercises.

Daniel Mizrachi

CRO & Front-end developer

Daniel helps improve lead-generation and sales conversion rates through end-to-end management of the conversion optimization process. Daniel is researching, planning, implementing, and reporting on twik's successful projects.

Yuval Aloni

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

A veteran full-stack web developer with over a decade of experience. Over the years has been involved in numerous technological initiatives, contributing to their development and architecture, leading them technology-wise from the ground-up.

Mai Perez


Mai is responsible for optimizing pages to rank higher on search result pages, managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and link building strategy.



Nano is our chief communication officer who’s in charge of barking and ensures that our guests always feel welcome.

The market

Industry at a glance


of in-house marketers agree that website personalization is critical to current and future success (source: Econsultancy).


of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) appears that has nothing to do with their interests (source: CMO).


of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) appears that has nothing to do with their interests (source: CMO).


of companies say they don’t understand how to carry out website personalization. Common barriers are lack of technology or inability to translate data into action (source: Econsultancy).

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