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Israel MarTech&Tech Sales Conference

June 25
Roi Sorezki
ZOA House, Tel Aviv, Israel

Mar-Tech is a combination of the traditional boundaries between marketing and technology. Today, anyone engaged in digital marketing needs extensive knowledge in the field of hi-tech, including the use of advanced technologies in order to create relevance and leadership.

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Event ended

Smart Global Expansion

May 16
Roi Sorezki
Oracle, Petah Tikva, Israel

Join us at our next conference at Smart Global Expansion, where you will learn to find your place in a competitive and crowded market.

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Event ended

Fullstack Tech Radar Day

May 15
Alon Valadji
Dan Panorama, Tel Aviv, Israel

Join us at our next conference at theFullStack Tech Radar Day conference along with 400+ developers, start-ups and leading hi-tech companies in Israel.

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