An Automated Way to Increase Conversions

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Thousands of users may stumble onto your website each day, but not all of them would take action and buy what you offer.

In fact, a 2019 research conducted by EPiServer, the conversion rate for online paid ads is only 2.9%.

In other words, if you manage to get 100 visitors on your website in a day via digital ads, you are only making two sales for that day (and maybe igniting a desire to purchase in a third individual).

To put it simply, converting a lead into a sale can be complicated – that is, unless you use twik.

What’s twik?

Twik is a plug-and-play single-line code solution that you can use to increase conversions without the need for expert assistance.

This system uses an intuitive AI to enhance business intelligence, understanding the user and offering them the right content and the right time, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

How Does twik Work?

Twik identifies the customer and matches its profile to your funnel.

It creates a detailed profile of a user based on their:

  • Position in the sales funnel (and the purpose of your funnel)
  • Gender and preferences
  • Past behaviors regarding different products

In fact, it can help you automatically identify a user with their digital fingerprint.

How Fingerprinting Helps twik Profile Your Prospects

fingerprint technology


Before we talk about fingerprinting, you must understand how a user profile is created in a conventional setting.

Typically, cookies are used to track a user’s profile, but planting cookies has its limitations. It does not work on incognito mode, which means that you are likely to miss out on important info such as behavioral trends of a particular user, making it impossible to create an accurate profile.

On the other hand, fingerprinting technology allows you to track a user’s browsing patterns even if they are in an incognito mode. Furthermore, you will be able to identify the type of hardware the user is on, the software they use, as well as the operating system.

This technology allows twik to provide you with a more precise user-count than what you will get with cookies.

twik Categorizes Profiles For Better Accuracy

Thanks to AI, twik can detect and even place the user in a particular category; for instance, you’ll quickly find out if the user is into gaming, arts, and crafts, or tech gadgets, etc. It will also help you identify if the potential customer is already using a competitor’s services.

In short, this contemporary code is designed to gather all the relevant data automatically while profiling a lead automatically. Simultaneously, this one-liner code will also recognize the type of funnel your business has and then match the user’s profile with it.

What’s even more captivating is that once profiled and matched with the funnel, it also decides what content will prove best to convert that lead and then shows personalized content to the user, as per your specifications.

All in all, while you focus on other critical business activities, twik continues to work on creating authentic leads and converting them all on its own.

Automated Message Matching

Twik doesn’t just take care of automatic profiling and funnel matching to convert leads, it goes far beyond that – it ensures message matching.

Online marketers typically fail to ensure that the content on their landing page is relevant to the ad-copy.

For example: if you click on an ad that guarantees a 20% discount on a product, you are looking for further information on that particular offer. If you land on a page that puts a condition on acquiring that discount, that’s a prime example of a message match fail (since your ad-copy guaranteed it).

Twik takes care of this aspect of online marketing as well. It automatically ensures that the ad you are putting up takes the user to the right page, improving the landing page conversion rates.

Here’s an astounding fact: twik takes 47 milliseconds to match the user profile to a landing page.

Consider having a great ad copy that leads a user to your landing page.

Once it has set the content order (the post-DOM phase) to be shown to a particular user, twik ensures that message matching is done without using canonicals, increasing your landing page conversion rates.

The Ability To DIY Professional UX Designs

Hiring an expert UX professional can put a dent on your finances, especially if you are a startup.

Besides, communicating your ideas can become complicated if the hired personnel are not on the same page as you are – this is another area where twik can be of assistance.

By adding this one-liner code to your website, you can make changes in the UX-design with a few simple clicks –pick an appealing design from the twik library and paste it onto your webpage.

In other words, with twik encoded in your HTML, you will be able to create the perfect user experience without the need for professional help.

Additional twik Features That Increase Conversions

Another one of the many features that set twik apart as the best tool for landing page conversions is its free-of-cost popup generator.

It uses business intelligence (BI) to identify items in a shopping cart, and then through a popup generator, offers a discount voucher for those particular items.

The fact that the consumer receives a timely voucher for the item that they were already thinking about buying further persuades the consumer to convert, leaving behind no abandoned carts.

It also identifies if your website has lengthy forms and shortens them by combining similar fields. This increases the probability of a user filling out the form, further assisting in potential sales.

What’s In It For You?

With twik on your side, you no longer have to worry about conversion rates, and your entire to-do list boils down to:

  1. Adding the twik one-liner code to your website
  2. Providing twik with content variations
  3. Monitoring the dashboard and editing core website elements with a few clicks

In A Nutshell

Twik is an automated system designed to maximize your landing page conversion rates.

It combines AI and BI to offer users the perfect experience as they browse through your website, and deploys machine learning to maximize funnel conversions.

Learn more about how twik can help you increase conversions without increasing your budget.

How to Improve Customer Journey Through Web Personalization

In this article, we’ll help you understand the following…

  • What a customer journey is and how to map it out.
  • Why web personalization is important to the customer journey.
  • How to improve the customer journey with web personalization.

Master the art of web personalization and watch your business grow to new heights.

What is a customer journey?

A customer journey refers to the process of a stranger becoming a happy customer. It’s not always love at first sight when a potential customer discovers your product or service. 

Maybe they see your advert at the wrong time, or maybe they just need to find out more about your business before they trust you enough to buy from you.

Here are some of the most common steps people take before becoming your customer:

  • See your Facebook ad
  • Visit your landing page
  • Look around your website
  • Browse your catalog
  • Read online reviews
  • Call or email with questions
  • Trial your services

Remember that the customer journey doesn’t end with them becoming your customer.
How you treat them afterward also plays a big part in how they perceive your business. 

Why is web personalization important to the customer journey?

Burger King’s popular slogan ‘Have It Your Way” is a great example of personalization. Everything is prepared to order, and that concept is easily transferable to the web.

Web personalization uses data collected from your website visitors to customize their experience. It makes the content they see more relevant to their preferences and interests, which provides for a much better visit than a one-size-fits-all model.

Here are some more benefits of web personalization:

  • Calls-to-action and landing pages convert better.
  • Customers become more loyal.
  • Improved customer insights.
  • Increased time spent on your website.
  • Recommendations become more relevant.
  • Smaller sales and marketing spend.

How to improve the customer journey with web personalization.

We’ve covered the importance of the customer journey and the benefits of web personalization. Now it’s time to look at some actionable tips for how you can combine the two concepts and create a well-oiled machine

1. Extract Data from Visitors

You can’t personalize the customer journey without knowing anything about the customer. So the first step should be to collect their visitor data with the help of a digital fingerprint. 

That can be done with the help of a tool like twik. Every time someone visits your website, you’ll know their demographics, geolocation, interests,  income, the language they speak and more. As they browse through your website,  you’ll know exactly how long they stayed and what content they looked at.

Next step: Read this guide on how to install a twik code on your website to collect data.

2. Trigger Events Based on Past Behavior

Once you have enough data, you can customize how you interact with your customers. That will help build trust and increase your chances of making a sale. 

For example, you can serve a popup with a special discount if they’ve shown an interest in your products but about to abandon their cart.

Next step: Check out these examples of abandoned cart popups you can serve.

3. Recommend Relevant Products

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you’ll have received suggestions for other products based on your order history. These product suggestions are often very relevant to you, which means you’re more likely to buy them. 

That’s the power of web personalization. When you know what your customers are also likely to be interested in, then you can upsell them on other products or services.

Next step: Here is an example of how to recommend products your customers will love.

pop up maker

4. Create Dynamic Content

Dynamic content, also known as smart content, is based on your customers’ preferences. It uses the data you’ve collected to determine what kind of content they see when they interact with your brand.

Web personalization lets you show the information that is relevant to each individual customer and leave out the content they aren’t interested in. 

The best part? You can easily update your dynamic content by changing the copy and location in twik’s dashboard, which results in the performance improvement of your site.

Next step: Here is an example of how to create dynamic content for your marketing channels.

engagement chatbot

5. Automate Your Marketing

What if the whole process could run on auto-pilot? We’ve covered how to extract data and use it to personalize content. The last piece to the puzzle is marketing automation.

It takes a lot of work upfront to create the ideal customer journey for every customer. But thanks to the tools available today, you can create a system that works in the background while continuously improving its own performance. 

It’ll save you time, money, and effort. But it’s not just good for you.

Your customers will also enjoy the benefits of marketing automation because it means you’re available 24/7 and can still provide a personalized experience — even when you’re not there. 

Next step: Check out your options for market automation and website personalization.

Let’s personalize your marketing

You know have an overview of how to improve the customer journey through web personalization and some handy tools to get you started. Although it does take a bit of work to start with, you’ll be rewarded many times over for your efforts. 

Let’s recap some of the key takeaways from this guide:

  • Each customer journey is unique.
  • Web personalization is key to improving it.
  • Start by collecting as much data as you can.
  • Use it to recommend relevant products.
  • Create dynamic content and event triggers.
  • Automate the process and sit back. 

Hungry for more? Head over to our guide on how to increase user engagement or view our solutions for web personalization.


Customer engagement software

How to Create a Chatbot without Code

Chatbots are finding their way into every area of our everyday lives.  Auditory chatbots built into products as well as textual chatbots on websites.
Simply put, chatbots are designed to simulate a human to human conversation. They scan the inputted text and offer relevant replies based on matching keywords.

Elements of a successful chatbot:

Defined Purpose

It is important to put some thought into your strategy for creating a chatbot.  What is the purpose of the chatbot? Is it to provide information, resolve customer service issues, or enhance and advance the user experience?  Begin with the end in mind.

Tone of Voice

Understanding who your audience will help you utilize messages that resonate.  A friendly greeting and using terms and words used by your audience sends a signal that you are in tune with their needs and interests.

Complete Conversation Flows

Take the time to map out the different conversation flows you are expecting to address with your chatbot.  Test your chatbot extensively to ensure that you have created valid pathways that will enable your users to get the information they need to continue the customer journey.


Benefits of using twik chatbot compared to non-twik chatbot

twik free chatbot generator:  No coding skills required!

The chatbot builder guides you through the process of building a complete conversation flow for your chatbot.  Once you are done, simply copy and paste a short JavaScript code snippet into your website.  

chatbot maker

Create targeted messages and interactions based on multiple variables.

Many businesses sell their products and services to a wide demographic. When implementing the chatbot as a variant, twik’s BI capabilities allow you to provide specific messaging that is more relevant based on geolocation, gender, household income, weather, and more.  Make your chatbot come to life and enrich the engagement with the diverse range of users that visit your site.

Initiate a virtual introduction for your business.

New visitors to your website are looking for a visually pleasing space that they can explore and find the information they need as they continue their customer journey.  Chatbots can act as a friendly guide to help users quickly find what they are looking for and deepen overall engagement.  

Improve lead generation and conversion with Google Forms.

Many user’s attention spans are short and many are reluctant to share personal data.  twik’s chatbot functionality integrates directly with Google forms, which allows you to gather this data during more personal conversations in a less intrusive manner. 

lead generation chatbot

Increase engagement and User Experience.

Most users today are used to engaging using short messages in text form and prefer to text over talking on the phone.  Chatbots are a new layer of communication that is no longer optional for companies looking to put their best foot forward in the digital landscape.  Chatbots allow visitors to be proactively welcomed or ask if they need help. Many users first look for a chat icon on a webpage to help them navigate instead of scrolling or looking through drop-down menus. 

engagement chatbot

Simplify support while maintaining flexibility and control.

twik’s chatbot builder makes it quick and easy to create new conversations and flows as well as to revise existing chatbot scenarios. Furthermore, when combined with twik’s AI, chatbots can be delivered based on performance and effectiveness.  There is no limit to the depth and direction the chatbot can guide a user. Sometimes the path is simple and straightforward. Other times you may need a few more layers are branches in the conversation tree.

Customer support chatbot

Maximize ROI 

At the end of the day, it comes down to revenue and ultimately profit.  Whether you are a brick and mortar business, exclusively online, or some combination of both; your website may be the most important asset of your company.  You have invested a significant amount of time to build and maintain your website. Chatbots can add an additional proactive layer of engagement to a static website that directly impacts the bottom line.  Increased lead generation, conversions, appointment bookings, newsletter sign-ups and more are all enhanced by the effective use of chatbots.

Boost SEO 

How much time users spend on your site is one of the key variables that Google looks at when computing page rankings. Chatbots that can assist users in a timely and effective manner will keep them moving forward in the customer journey, cause them to spend more time on your site, and ultimately increase your overall SEO.  

Build your chatbot today for free with twik

Personalized Experiences for Every Traveler

So how can a digital travel company create and manage all the possible variations of ads that would be needed to appeal to a broad range of customers combined with an infinite variety of destinations and travel experiences?

Companies have to create individual ads for each offer, or demographic they target. Sometimes they even have to do multiple ads for the same demographic to determine which one would perform the best. You can see how this can quickly become a massive undertaking that requires a tremendous amount of hands-on management.

There is a better way. The twik platform utilizes machine learning algorithms and BI technology to personalize travel content automatically and offers to increase conversions. Here are some of the features that can help you offer each unique user precisely what they are seeking.

personalized travel


Detailed Targeting

twik allows you to serve tailored content based on multiple targeting variables such as weather, geography, age/gender, and household income. January seems like a good time to present a get-away trip to the Bahamas to people living in Chicago experiencing the coldest winter on record. The platform will automatically display the offer that matches their budget, location, and other variables.

Automated Upselling and Cross-selling

Once your user has begun their booking journey, twik’s machine learning algorithms will display the most relevant deals and upgrades among all configured variants. For example, historical data may indicate that people above a certain household income are more likely to respond to a specific upgrade offer or add-on service, added to twik as variants. The platform will only present those offers to those users.  

Optimized Mobile Experience

Today’s travelers use a mobile device while booking a trip, boarding a plane, checking in or out of hotels, and signing up for local tours and excursions. twik allows you to optimize and customize user experience every step of the way.    

Seamless Booking

If a user experiences even a little bit of friction navigating your site, it may cause them to abandon your website and never return. The twik platform allows you to constantly refine the booking process and deliver a simple but complete experience to execute a transaction quickly.

Deep Analytics

The twik dashboard gives you insightful access to all your historical data as well as a real-time performance of active campaigns running on your domains. This overview of all your activities provides actionable insights that will directly impact the user experience in a positive manner and increase conversions.

When booking travel experiences, users are looking for an escape from their daily grind. Using twik, you can immediately set the scene they are seeking by delivering tailored, personalized content that will transport them to the beach with their toes in the sand and a cold drink in their hand. twik will help you deliver memorable travel experiences that will have your customers returning again and again for years to come.  

Try it now. See what twik can do for your travel marketing with our free 14-day evaluation period.

twik personalized travel


How to Improve Quality Score, Lower Ads Cost and Increase Landing Page Conversion with One Click

When the title and offer in your Google ads are 100% relevant to the landing page, three things happen:

  1. Ad quality score increases
  2. Cost per Click (CPC) drops
  3. Landing page conversions skyrocket

This can be a challenge when you have several ads, each with a unique title and offer. Each one would need its own landing page to match each of the ads you’ve created to reap this benefit, but that’s far from realistic.

You could do this manually each time you create a new ad but that would become extremely time-consuming. You already must analyze all the relevant variables to optimize a Google Ad campaign, Adwords auctions, competitor AdRank, and quality scores. With all of this and the need for multiple landing pages, things can get confusing and intimidating fast. 

There must be a better way.

twik came up with a solution and developed the first google ads extension that automatically creates and optimizes a landing page in just one click.

When you use twik’s google ads extension, the only thing you need to do is set up your ads campaign and install the snippet on your site or a landing page of your choice. Then, just sit back and watch twik do the rest.

twik selectors act as live URL parameters. twik injects variants such as title, text, and images via the ad tracking template and generates a 100% relevant landing page for each of your ads.

google ad

The landing page is 100% matched to Ad.

landing page conversion

This directly improves your Quality Scores and as a result, will lower your final CPC.  

Using our Chrome extension, users can easily configure the appropriate selectors in the ad-tracking template. All of this happens as a live URL parameter that eliminates the need to create new ads, thus saving more time.  

twik’s Google Ad extension takes the guesswork out of the process and will give your Google Ads superpowers that deliver measurable results.

Best of all, this Google extension is free with any paid twik plan.  


Getting started with twik is fast and easy. Place a single snippet of code into your site <head> tag. Sign up for a free 14-day trial account and give your Google Ad campaigns the digital marketing superpowers only twik delivers.


Website Optimization Tools – Free Variants Library Overview

Enhancing user experience is a challenge that almost every company faces.  Companies always try to increase engagement, boost revenues and raise conversion rates.
Is it at the price of the user experience?
We know that each visitor is unique, exactly like in real life.

Depending on your target market, your customer base may be extremely diverse and respond very differently to a wide variety of visual presentations on your site.
There are so many visual variables that can encourage or deter a visitor from continuing their customer journey on your site. 

With all the variables in play, it is impossible to create one website that presents different content to each unique user.  One size does not fit all.

So how can a website be built in such a way that it appeals to a diverse group of visitors and deliver measurable conversions?

Enter Variants. Variants are elements of a web page such as an image, a piece of content, color, a destination URL, etc.. For example, a ‘color variant’ can be used to alter text selectors and background selector colors. There are 9 types of variants that can be combined with thousands of permutations.

The visual editor on the twik, the automation personalization platform, empowers customization of content and user experience based on the visitor’s demographics, psychographics and behavioral data.  twik cloud-based platform allows companies of all sizes and any type of website to create targeted business-funnels based on several dozen key performance indicators (KPIs).
All of these variable presentations (or as we call them – variants) are presented in real-time to users as they navigate the site. 

twik’s Free JavaScript Variant Library

In addition to being free, one of the best things about twik’s JavaScript variants is that you do not need any coding experience to apply them to a website: every variant addresses specific navigation and engagement challenge and offers an answer to enhance user experience and impact bottom-line business results.  Some of the solutions below can be quickly and easily installed on just about any website, others may need to be configured on the twik platform.

Reach out to us anytime for assistance and to learn more!

Here are the free JS variants currently available:

Sticky Header

Infinite scrolling might discourage users from filling out forms or completing a purchase. Visitors can get lost or find it cumbersome to navigate to the other parts of your website they want to view next if they have to scroll all the way back up to the top of a very long page.
One simple piece of code transforms a menu header into a floating sticky header.  Navigation menus or headers that remain “sticky” stay visible at the top of the page as the user begins to scroll down the page thus, a single copy-paste twik variant to a webpage will eliminate that problem and increase conversion rates.


sticky header


Simple? We’ve got more coming your way.

Call to Action Float

While you want to provide your users with valuable information while on your site, ultimately you want them to take action.
Too often an important call to action button is left behind as the visitor scrolls and navigates to other pages on your site.  This is especially true when they are using a smartphone. Designed specifically for the mobile-optimized version of your website, this variant displays a sleek, unobtrusive CTA bar at the bottom of the screen that is visible no matter where they scroll or navigate in the page.
Your CTA Buttons can also be customized to match your site and messaging.

mobile call to action float

Mobile Scroll to Top

Mobile optimized sites typically do not have a full header due to the limited and condensed real estate on a smartphone.  After even just a few flicks of their fingers to scroll down the page, users can find it annoying to have to scroll all the way back up to the top to navigate to the next stop on their journey within your site.

This variant places a floating button on your mobile-optimized site that allows users to easily jump back to the top of the page with a single click.  Users have short attention spans and are looking for information quickly. This feature will help them move around your site more easily as well as increased usability and the probability of increasing conversions.

mobile scroll to top


Social Media Buttons Sharing Bar

If something is not easy or takes too many steps, users will abandon the process or not even try to begin with.  The social sharing bar allows your brand’s biggest fans to share your content and products with their network of friends and colleagues on any social media site with a single click. 

Customize which social media buttons you want to include and whether or not to have it displayed on every page sitewide.

social sharing buttons

Accessibility Toolbar

This is a feature that commonly gets overlooked but is greatly appreciated by many users.  Many people have mild to severe visual disabilities that can make simple navigation on a website a frustrating experience.  Does this mean you need to build another version of your site just for these kind of potential visitors?

Not if you use twik. The web accessibility toolbar allows visitors to change the entire site into grayscale, increase font or cursor sizes, improve contrast and more. If your current site does not have this capability you can now upgrade your entire site by installing this variant within minutes with no coding!

accessibility toolbar

Autoselect Country

If people experience too much friction when trying to complete a form they will decide that it is too much trouble or they do not have the time right now.  Most who abandon a form will never return later to complete the process.

They are already onto the next shiny object. Unless your visitor’s country name starts with the first few letters of the alphabet, they could be in for a long scroll just to complete one selection on a form that might contain multiple entries. 

This free variant from twik uses the location of their IP address to identify their location and auto-select that option. This variant will also populate the state or city drop down as well.   

find country


Form Autocomplete

The moment a visitor is asked to complete a web form they are at a critical juncture in their customer journey. 

Is the web form asking for too much information? How long will it take?

As soon as a user runs into even a little bit of difficulty or feels that something is taking too much time or effort they will bail out and move on elsewhere.  Because they are in a hurry, oftentimes users also make mistakes when entering their data.

Features like form autocomplete or auto-populate make a positive impact on users and can help keep them from abandoning a form. This variant speeds up the process for the user and allows the site owner to collect more accurate data. 

This is a win-win for users and site owners.

autofill form


Scroll Back to Form Button 

On most current websites, users now have a lot of real estate to scroll through. This means that most of the time a static web form will not be visible, especially if it is placed above the fold.

This floating scroll back to form button will allow your visitors to jump back to your form at any moment they are motivated to do so.  

scroll back to form button

Automatic Currency Converter 

Most people have no idea how much $129.99 USD is in their local currency.  Online e-commerce is a global market that is open 24/7/365. Depending on your product or service offerings, your site could see visitors from dozens of different countries every day. 

If a visitor from a smaller country visits your site and sees their native currency displayed on all pricing, they will be more likely to continue navigation and be enticed by offers and convert to sales. This variant looks at a visitor’s location and will display all pricing in their local currency. 

After copying and pasting the snippet of JavaScript code and activating the variant, all currency on your entire site will be automatically converted.


currency converter

Smart Sort 

If your site offers many categories of products that appeal to many different demographics of customers how do you decide which promotions and products to display in your most valuable web page real estate? 

Now you do not have to make one decision and hope it appeals to the largest part of your audience while ignoring the interests of smaller groups who spend just as much money. Just as the name implies, this variant customizes how promotions and products are presented to each individual customer. 

Based on past behavioral data, it will display brands and product categories that match unique visitors.

javascript sort function


Google Autocomplete IntelliSense

If you have a large site offering many products, many users may not know where to start to quickly find the products or information they need.  Google Search Autocomplete is another smart feature that will show as a dropdown below the search query as they type and display previous site searches by users, along with your visitors’ own search history. 

This option can be presented to all users or a specific demographic.

Upcoming enhancements will upgrade this feature to only filter and present results from your own site.


Take Action

To utilize any of theses free variants all you need to do is register for a free twik account.  From there you will only be a few clicks away from copying and pasting in small snippets of code that will give your site instant superpowers to enhance your visitors’ user experience.

Popup Maker – Powerful Customer Engagement Tool

Ultimately, popups are intended to generate leads, increase page views, help build email lists, and retain users on your site.  If not done properly, popups can actually cause users to abandon a website and maybe never return. For years now, users have been complaining about obnoxious pop-ups that come across as intrusive, irrelevant, or flat out annoying.  

With all that said, the use of an effective popup is still one of the best ways to create a focus on your most important message you want to share with visitors.  Whether it is getting them to sign up for a mailing list or taking advantage of a current sale event, everyone agrees that when done properly popups increase conversions and engagement.

This is where twik comes in. Twik automates the personalization of websites to provide your visitors with tailored content that leads users deeper into the customer journey and increases conversions.

One of twik’s newest and most innovative features is our Popup Maker.

pop up for tourism


This tool allows you to quickly and easily create a beautiful popup that can be cut and pasted into your site in a few simple clicks.

No coding skills or experience needed!

As Simple as 1-2-3

Building an engaging and effective popup can be completed in a few minutes using twik’s Popup Maker in 3 quick steps:

  1. Choose a template: With a library of over 20 existing templates, there are options for everything. Cookie bars, newsletter popups, product and event promotions and more!
  2. Customize your template: Every element of the template chosen can be changed to match your existing site. Edit text, add images, forms, etc. Move elements around to create the exact layout needed.
  3. Copy-paste the snippet: Once you are done editing, you simply paste the copied JavaScript code into your website. No plugins required and no need to pay someone to do it for you.

Simple, Yet Powerful
twik’s Popup Maker was designed with an easy-to use design studio that is intuitive and gives you full control of every popup element.

twik's pop up maker


twik Popup Maker is included at no extra charge.

This option gives you a full set of tools that lets you take your online targeted marketing game to the next level. Advanced add-on features allow you to feature new products by simply pasting the URL. Collecting forms and creating countdown displays are all done with a few clicks. Again, no coding knowledge or experience necessary.

Additional Features

  • Automatic product information
  • Countdown timers
  • Integration with Google Forms
  • Extensive font library
  • Implement with a short JavaScript code
  • RTL support
  • Countless animation options

One Element of a Powerful Platform
The Popup Maker is just one of the latest features that have been integrated in to twik. When you create a popup with twik, you will be leveraging unique machine learning algorithms that deliver personalized content to every unique visitor on your site.

The Proof is in the Numbers
At the end of the day, there has to be a way to measure tangible results or improvements. Popups have proven themselves to be effective at moving the needle on conversions in a positive direction. Popups with targeted content and proper context have conversion rates over 40%. Taking your lackluster or underperforming popups and upgrading them could boost your conversion rate even more. Using twik’s Popup Maker is guaranteed to provide a greater than 100% ROI because it is free! Utilize this with twik’s Business Intelligence superpowers and you have a winning combination.

pop up maker case study


In the above case study, Novisign leveraged several of the twik platform’s superpowers in an attempt to breathe life into stagnant popup conversions. A variety of popups were created using the Popup Maker Design Studio and delivered to visitors using twik’s funnel targeting feature.

Upgrade your Popups and Increase your Conversion Rates Now

Just a few short years ago creating and changing these popups on a regular basis would have required hiring or having a programmer on staff. Twik has put the power of personalization in a single platform that will allow you to deliver engaging, tailored content for all the visitors to your website. Upgrade your popups and increase conversions for free.