3 Tips to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate

On average, a successful eCommerce website has a conversion rate between 1% and 3%.

Should that be your aim? Certainly not. What if we told you that with a bit of eCommerce personalization, you can double your conversion rates? Let’s see how can you do it.

Three companies that did it right and spiked their conversions

Three different websites decided to implement twik and conduct basic personalization tweaks that improved customer experience and conversion rates.

Case Study #1: Pet Noviga Doubled Their Conversions

Pet Noviga is a leading dog taming website with an online store. With a good starting point of 3% conversion rate, they decided to try twik and see if they can further increase their conversion rate.
First, we started tracking their Business Intelligence insights with twik (one minute to paste w/ Google Tag Manager). Twik ran for several days in order to analyze the website and learn it’s BI.
After analyzing the results, the decision was made to proceed with handling product quantity items and deliver three alternatives to the main CTA button. 

This resulted in a 100% increase in conversion rates, from 3% to 6%.


Pet Noviga is an eCommerce store that sells dog toys. Their main aim is to help the owners train their dogs through play. Their initial conversion rate was around 3%, which was not too bad. They still decided to try out Twik to see if they could increase their conversion rate, through eCommerce site personalization.

Initially, Twik was installed on the website to track BI data. After it was done with the analysis, it delivered an optimized shop page. The tool added a single product quantity and delivered three alternatives to the main CTA button. This resulted in a more than 100% conversion rate increase.

ecommerce conversion boost


Case Study #2: L’occitane Website Sees Multiple Improvements

L’occitane is a world leader in beauty and skincare products, and are well known in their approach of testing new technologies. They decided to give eCommerce personalization a try and optimize their website using twik.


twik operated in two simple phases on L’occitane’s website:
(1) CTA  (call to action) – Personalize CTA text for the Add to Cart Button 

(2) Personalize Menu text

Total labor invested in that process was less than 20 minutes:

  • Few minutes to integrate twik into the website (copy-paste one line of code)
  • 10 minutes to think about other phrases to write on the CTA button and a couple more minutes to paste them into the twik platform and finally to operate the menu personalization feature.

    The results were dazzling: 
  • Add to Cart ratio spiked by more than 125%; 
  • Submission rates increased by 125%, and 
  • The newsletter subscription ratio climbed by 300%.

ecommerce personalization


add to cart personalization


Case Study #3: NoviSign Improves Lead Opportunities

NoviSign is a world leader in digital signage software that gives its users an easy way to adjust their screen sizes across multiple devices. Two years ago they were still trying to break through and stand out in the overcrowded tech industry. They decided to use twik’s funnel targeting feature to display relevant popups based on pages visited by the user. In addition, Novisign experimented with multiple texts for its “Sign up” button. 

The main goal of the campaign was to increase engagement and lead conversions on Novisign’s website. Using twik, Novisign’s new leads opportunities increased by 74%. 


Increase Your Conversion Rates Now

The secret is not to change or alternate content presented to visitors. The secret is presenting the right content to only the relevant visitors and that’s done with a personalization platform. In order to decrease the set of skills and the know-how needed to operate such a platform, twik developed a personalization automation platform that takes less than a minute to implement and delivers fast results.

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your eCommerce website and increase your conversion rates, you’ve come to the right place. With a minute-long installation, twik gives you the quickest way to increase your conversion numbers. Don’t take our word for it, head over to https://legacy.twik.io/, and try it out.