An Automated Way to Increase Conversions

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Thousands of users may stumble onto your website each day, but not all of them would take action and buy what you offer.

In fact, a 2019 research conducted by EPiServer, the conversion rate for online paid ads is only 2.9%.

In other words, if you manage to get 100 visitors on your website in a day via digital ads, you are only making two sales for that day (and maybe igniting a desire to purchase in a third individual).

To put it simply, converting a lead into a sale can be complicated – that is, unless you use twik.

What’s twik?

Twik is a plug-and-play single-line code solution that you can use to increase conversions without the need for expert assistance.

This system uses an intuitive AI to enhance business intelligence, understanding the user and offering them the right content and the right time, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

How Does twik Work?

Twik identifies the customer and matches its profile to your funnel.

It creates a detailed profile of a user based on their:

  • Position in the sales funnel (and the purpose of your funnel)
  • Gender and preferences
  • Past behaviors regarding different products

In fact, it can help you automatically identify a user with their digital fingerprint.

How Fingerprinting Helps twik Profile Your Prospects

fingerprint technology


Before we talk about fingerprinting, you must understand how a user profile is created in a conventional setting.

Typically, cookies are used to track a user’s profile, but planting cookies has its limitations. It does not work on incognito mode, which means that you are likely to miss out on important info such as behavioral trends of a particular user, making it impossible to create an accurate profile.

On the other hand, fingerprinting technology allows you to track a user’s browsing patterns even if they are in an incognito mode. Furthermore, you will be able to identify the type of hardware the user is on, the software they use, as well as the operating system.

This technology allows twik to provide you with a more precise user-count than what you will get with cookies.

twik Categorizes Profiles For Better Accuracy

Thanks to AI, twik can detect and even place the user in a particular category; for instance, you’ll quickly find out if the user is into gaming, arts, and crafts, or tech gadgets, etc. It will also help you identify if the potential customer is already using a competitor’s services.

In short, this contemporary code is designed to gather all the relevant data automatically while profiling a lead automatically. Simultaneously, this one-liner code will also recognize the type of funnel your business has and then match the user’s profile with it.

What’s even more captivating is that once profiled and matched with the funnel, it also decides what content will prove best to convert that lead and then shows personalized content to the user, as per your specifications.

All in all, while you focus on other critical business activities, twik continues to work on creating authentic leads and converting them all on its own.

Automated Message Matching

Twik doesn’t just take care of automatic profiling and funnel matching to convert leads, it goes far beyond that – it ensures message matching.

Online marketers typically fail to ensure that the content on their landing page is relevant to the ad-copy.

For example: if you click on an ad that guarantees a 20% discount on a product, you are looking for further information on that particular offer. If you land on a page that puts a condition on acquiring that discount, that’s a prime example of a message match fail (since your ad-copy guaranteed it).

Twik takes care of this aspect of online marketing as well. It automatically ensures that the ad you are putting up takes the user to the right page, improving the landing page conversion rates.

Here’s an astounding fact: twik takes 47 milliseconds to match the user profile to a landing page.

Consider having a great ad copy that leads a user to your landing page.

Once it has set the content order (the post-DOM phase) to be shown to a particular user, twik ensures that message matching is done without using canonicals, increasing your landing page conversion rates.

The Ability To DIY Professional UX Designs

Hiring an expert UX professional can put a dent on your finances, especially if you are a startup.

Besides, communicating your ideas can become complicated if the hired personnel are not on the same page as you are – this is another area where twik can be of assistance.

By adding this one-liner code to your website, you can make changes in the UX-design with a few simple clicks –pick an appealing design from the twik library and paste it onto your webpage.

In other words, with twik encoded in your HTML, you will be able to create the perfect user experience without the need for professional help.

Additional twik Features That Increase Conversions

Another one of the many features that set twik apart as the best tool for landing page conversions is its free-of-cost popup generator.

It uses business intelligence (BI) to identify items in a shopping cart, and then through a popup generator, offers a discount voucher for those particular items.

The fact that the consumer receives a timely voucher for the item that they were already thinking about buying further persuades the consumer to convert, leaving behind no abandoned carts.

It also identifies if your website has lengthy forms and shortens them by combining similar fields. This increases the probability of a user filling out the form, further assisting in potential sales.

What’s In It For You?

With twik on your side, you no longer have to worry about conversion rates, and your entire to-do list boils down to:

  1. Adding the twik one-liner code to your website
  2. Providing twik with content variations
  3. Monitoring the dashboard and editing core website elements with a few clicks

In A Nutshell

Twik is an automated system designed to maximize your landing page conversion rates.

It combines AI and BI to offer users the perfect experience as they browse through your website, and deploys machine learning to maximize funnel conversions.

Learn more about how twik can help you increase conversions without increasing your budget.