How to Increase User Engagement

What is user engagement? Engagement is all about creating and nurturing meaningful and lasting relations with your customers. For the relationships to grow and flourish, your potential customers must immediately feel like they have arrived at the right place to get their needs met. 


How do you create digital engagement? 

One that leads visitors through a customer journey that results in repeat business and glowing recommendations for your brand? One that leads your customers to read your content, fill your forms and click on your CTA.

It takes more than a visually pleasing website with easy to navigate headers and menus.

It takes a personalization superpower!

What is Personalization Superpower?

It’s a powerful platform that puts all the tools you need in one place. It makes it easy for you to manage and optimize every element of the user experience on your site.

Meet TWIK! 

The twik platform is an engagement and relationship-building machine.  This powerful platform puts all the tools you need in one place to make it easy for you to manage and optimize every element of the user experience on your site

Powerful Targeting

Twik maximizes conversions by leveraging browsing history, pre-funnel KPI’s, and other session events.  Retargeting capabilities provide timely and effective reminders to take relevant action about products or services that users have shown interest in.  

Instant Visual Editor

This powerful tool allows you to instantly edit and preview an existing page on your site.  Play around with different texts, fonts and images for different audiences, until you have all the attributes exactly the way you want them.  As with the other twik platform features, no coding experience is needed. What you see is what you get!


All the analytical brainpower you need to grow your business is included.  Customize graphs and KPIs to look at BI to see how elements of your pages and how live variants are performing. Use those insights to make timely improvements to continuously tweak and optimize engagement with your users.

Popup Generator

twik allows you to easily create and deploy popups that will enhance engagement and increase conversion for your special offers and newsletter invitations. twik’s powerful personalization capabilities will enable you to present the right offer to the right user at the right time. 


pop up maker


Engagement Variants

twik has an extensive library of JavaScript variants that have proven to enhance engagement, conversion, and overall user experience. Click here to start implementing variants that can very specifically impact engagement:


Sticky Header Script  

Converts your website menu into a floating sticky header that is always available in a convenient, unobtrusive location to allow for quick and easy navigation.


sticky header


Mobile Call to Action Float 

Presents a call to action on mobile devices that floats and remains visible on the small screen display.  


scroll back to form button


Google Autocomplete

Customize this feature for a specific audience (or everyone) to add content-driven search suggestions to your website’s search box.


autofill form

Mobile Scroll to Top

Pages can get very long when viewed on mobile devices,  This feature allows users to instantly return to the top of the page with a single click. 

mobile scroll to top


Smart Sort

One of the twik platform’s most powerful features in engagement marketing. It presents brands and/or products based on user’s specific interests or purchase histories.  Users see the items they love and you get more sales. Win-win!


javascript sort function


Are you ready to immediately increase customer engagement and build a valuable, long term relationship with your website visitors?  Get started with our free, 14-day evaluation.  Once you decide on a plan there are never any set-up fees or long-term contracts.  Twik is your long-term customer engagement partner. Let’s build some beautiful relationships together!

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