5 “twiks” to Reduce Bounce and Increase Retention

However, increasing your user retention rate (the percentage of repeat customers) and decreasing your churn rate (the percentage of customers that bounce) is directly linked to your ability to deliver a great user experience. With 86% of consumers’ purchasing decisions influenced by personalization, the ability to tailor your site to meet the needs of visitors can reduce bounce rates, significantly increasing user retention and profits. 

Increase user engagement and interaction with twik’s retention variants snippets

As a cloud platform tailoring both content and the user experience in real-time depending on behavior and demographics, Twik supports five proven retention strategies designed to reduce bounce rates and increase engagement:

  • “Sticky” navigation: Deliver a better infinite scrolling (the automatic loading of content as a user scrolls down a webpage) experience for mobile users. Some users find it disorienting to scan never-ending pages with no way to escape other than pressing the “back” button. Twik’s Sticky Header Script ensures that visitors stay on your site with a fixed navigation menu that remains visible and in the same position as they scroll.

    sticky header

  • Scroll-to-Top: Complement Twik’s “sticky” navigation with the scroll-to-top feature, enabling mobile users to jump to the top of the page with a single click irrespective of the length of the page.

    mobile scroll to top

  • Automatic Currency Localization: Streamline the decision-making process for visitors to make purchases. Instead of having to change or convert the currency themselves, built-in Twik localization ensures that users automatically see the local currency.

    currency converter

  • Autocomplete: Simplify the way users find what they want with content-driven search suggestions. Twik’s Google-based, plug-and-play IntelliSense script adds autocomplete to each webpages’ search box, together with recent site searches to make searches faster and simpler.

    autofill form


  • Smart Sort: Display the most relevant data first for each user, using Twik’s Smart Sort to tailor results based on a user’s preferences, previous site interactions, and purchase history.

    javascript sort function


With unique capabilities for understanding your site structure and traffic, twik’s machine learning algorithms offer an accelerated path to personalization. With a one-minute installation, there’s no faster way to deliver engaging experience and increase customer retention!  To find out what twik can do for your business, visit https://legacy.twik.io/, or send us a message