Popup Maker – Powerful Customer Engagement Tool

Ultimately, popups are intended to generate leads, increase page views, help build email lists, and retain users on your site.  If not done properly, popups can actually cause users to abandon a website and maybe never return. For years now, users have been complaining about obnoxious pop-ups that come across as intrusive, irrelevant, or flat out annoying.  

With all that said, the use of an effective popup is still one of the best ways to create a focus on your most important message you want to share with visitors.  Whether it is getting them to sign up for a mailing list or taking advantage of a current sale event, everyone agrees that when done properly popups increase conversions and engagement.

This is where twik comes in. Twik automates the personalization of websites to provide your visitors with tailored content that leads users deeper into the customer journey and increases conversions.

One of twik’s newest and most innovative features is our Popup Maker.

pop up for tourism


This tool allows you to quickly and easily create a beautiful popup that can be cut and pasted into your site in a few simple clicks.

No coding skills or experience needed!

As Simple as 1-2-3

Building an engaging and effective popup can be completed in a few minutes using twik’s Popup Maker in 3 quick steps:

  1. Choose a template: With a library of over 20 existing templates, there are options for everything. Cookie bars, newsletter popups, product and event promotions and more!
  2. Customize your template: Every element of the template chosen can be changed to match your existing site. Edit text, add images, forms, etc. Move elements around to create the exact layout needed.
  3. Copy-paste the snippet: Once you are done editing, you simply paste the copied JavaScript code into your website. No plugins required and no need to pay someone to do it for you.

Simple, Yet Powerful
twik’s Popup Maker was designed with an easy-to use design studio that is intuitive and gives you full control of every popup element.

twik's pop up maker


twik Popup Maker is included at no extra charge.

This option gives you a full set of tools that lets you take your online targeted marketing game to the next level. Advanced add-on features allow you to feature new products by simply pasting the URL. Collecting forms and creating countdown displays are all done with a few clicks. Again, no coding knowledge or experience necessary.

Additional Features

  • Automatic product information
  • Countdown timers
  • Integration with Google Forms
  • Extensive font library
  • Implement with a short JavaScript code
  • RTL support
  • Countless animation options

One Element of a Powerful Platform
The Popup Maker is just one of the latest features that have been integrated in to twik. When you create a popup with twik, you will be leveraging unique machine learning algorithms that deliver personalized content to every unique visitor on your site.

The Proof is in the Numbers
At the end of the day, there has to be a way to measure tangible results or improvements. Popups have proven themselves to be effective at moving the needle on conversions in a positive direction. Popups with targeted content and proper context have conversion rates over 40%. Taking your lackluster or underperforming popups and upgrading them could boost your conversion rate even more. Using twik’s Popup Maker is guaranteed to provide a greater than 100% ROI because it is free! Utilize this with twik’s Business Intelligence superpowers and you have a winning combination.

pop up maker case study


In the above case study, Novisign leveraged several of the twik platform’s superpowers in an attempt to breathe life into stagnant popup conversions. A variety of popups were created using the Popup Maker Design Studio and delivered to visitors using twik’s funnel targeting feature.

Upgrade your Popups and Increase your Conversion Rates Now

Just a few short years ago creating and changing these popups on a regular basis would have required hiring or having a programmer on staff. Twik has put the power of personalization in a single platform that will allow you to deliver engaging, tailored content for all the visitors to your website. Upgrade your popups and increase conversions for free.