Website Optimization Tools – Free Variants Library Overview

Enhancing user experience is a challenge that almost every company faces.  Companies always try to increase engagement, boost revenues and raise conversion rates.
Is it at the price of the user experience?
We know that each visitor is unique, exactly like in real life.

Depending on your target market, your customer base may be extremely diverse and respond very differently to a wide variety of visual presentations on your site.
There are so many visual variables that can encourage or deter a visitor from continuing their customer journey on your site. 

With all the variables in play, it is impossible to create one website that presents different content to each unique user.  One size does not fit all.

So how can a website be built in such a way that it appeals to a diverse group of visitors and deliver measurable conversions?

Enter Variants. Variants are elements of a web page such as an image, a piece of content, color, a destination URL, etc.. For example, a ‘color variant’ can be used to alter text selectors and background selector colors. There are 9 types of variants that can be combined with thousands of permutations.

The visual editor on the twik, the automation personalization platform, empowers customization of content and user experience based on the visitor’s demographics, psychographics and behavioral data.  twik cloud-based platform allows companies of all sizes and any type of website to create targeted business-funnels based on several dozen key performance indicators (KPIs).
All of these variable presentations (or as we call them – variants) are presented in real-time to users as they navigate the site. 

twik’s Free JavaScript Variant Library

In addition to being free, one of the best things about twik’s JavaScript variants is that you do not need any coding experience to apply them to a website: every variant addresses specific navigation and engagement challenge and offers an answer to enhance user experience and impact bottom-line business results.  Some of the solutions below can be quickly and easily installed on just about any website, others may need to be configured on the twik platform.

Reach out to us anytime for assistance and to learn more!

Here are the free JS variants currently available:

Sticky Header

Infinite scrolling might discourage users from filling out forms or completing a purchase. Visitors can get lost or find it cumbersome to navigate to the other parts of your website they want to view next if they have to scroll all the way back up to the top of a very long page.
One simple piece of code transforms a menu header into a floating sticky header.  Navigation menus or headers that remain “sticky” stay visible at the top of the page as the user begins to scroll down the page thus, a single copy-paste twik variant to a webpage will eliminate that problem and increase conversion rates.


sticky header


Simple? We’ve got more coming your way.

Call to Action Float

While you want to provide your users with valuable information while on your site, ultimately you want them to take action.
Too often an important call to action button is left behind as the visitor scrolls and navigates to other pages on your site.  This is especially true when they are using a smartphone. Designed specifically for the mobile-optimized version of your website, this variant displays a sleek, unobtrusive CTA bar at the bottom of the screen that is visible no matter where they scroll or navigate in the page.
Your CTA Buttons can also be customized to match your site and messaging.

mobile call to action float

Mobile Scroll to Top

Mobile optimized sites typically do not have a full header due to the limited and condensed real estate on a smartphone.  After even just a few flicks of their fingers to scroll down the page, users can find it annoying to have to scroll all the way back up to the top to navigate to the next stop on their journey within your site.

This variant places a floating button on your mobile-optimized site that allows users to easily jump back to the top of the page with a single click.  Users have short attention spans and are looking for information quickly. This feature will help them move around your site more easily as well as increased usability and the probability of increasing conversions.

mobile scroll to top


Social Media Buttons Sharing Bar

If something is not easy or takes too many steps, users will abandon the process or not even try to begin with.  The social sharing bar allows your brand’s biggest fans to share your content and products with their network of friends and colleagues on any social media site with a single click. 

Customize which social media buttons you want to include and whether or not to have it displayed on every page sitewide.

social sharing buttons

Accessibility Toolbar

This is a feature that commonly gets overlooked but is greatly appreciated by many users.  Many people have mild to severe visual disabilities that can make simple navigation on a website a frustrating experience.  Does this mean you need to build another version of your site just for these kind of potential visitors?

Not if you use twik. The web accessibility toolbar allows visitors to change the entire site into grayscale, increase font or cursor sizes, improve contrast and more. If your current site does not have this capability you can now upgrade your entire site by installing this variant within minutes with no coding!

accessibility toolbar

Autoselect Country

If people experience too much friction when trying to complete a form they will decide that it is too much trouble or they do not have the time right now.  Most who abandon a form will never return later to complete the process.

They are already onto the next shiny object. Unless your visitor’s country name starts with the first few letters of the alphabet, they could be in for a long scroll just to complete one selection on a form that might contain multiple entries. 

This free variant from twik uses the location of their IP address to identify their location and auto-select that option. This variant will also populate the state or city drop down as well.   

find country


Form Autocomplete

The moment a visitor is asked to complete a web form they are at a critical juncture in their customer journey. 

Is the web form asking for too much information? How long will it take?

As soon as a user runs into even a little bit of difficulty or feels that something is taking too much time or effort they will bail out and move on elsewhere.  Because they are in a hurry, oftentimes users also make mistakes when entering their data.

Features like form autocomplete or auto-populate make a positive impact on users and can help keep them from abandoning a form. This variant speeds up the process for the user and allows the site owner to collect more accurate data. 

This is a win-win for users and site owners.

autofill form


Scroll Back to Form Button 

On most current websites, users now have a lot of real estate to scroll through. This means that most of the time a static web form will not be visible, especially if it is placed above the fold.

This floating scroll back to form button will allow your visitors to jump back to your form at any moment they are motivated to do so.  

scroll back to form button

Automatic Currency Converter 

Most people have no idea how much $129.99 USD is in their local currency.  Online e-commerce is a global market that is open 24/7/365. Depending on your product or service offerings, your site could see visitors from dozens of different countries every day. 

If a visitor from a smaller country visits your site and sees their native currency displayed on all pricing, they will be more likely to continue navigation and be enticed by offers and convert to sales. This variant looks at a visitor’s location and will display all pricing in their local currency. 

After copying and pasting the snippet of JavaScript code and activating the variant, all currency on your entire site will be automatically converted.


currency converter

Smart Sort 

If your site offers many categories of products that appeal to many different demographics of customers how do you decide which promotions and products to display in your most valuable web page real estate? 

Now you do not have to make one decision and hope it appeals to the largest part of your audience while ignoring the interests of smaller groups who spend just as much money. Just as the name implies, this variant customizes how promotions and products are presented to each individual customer. 

Based on past behavioral data, it will display brands and product categories that match unique visitors.

javascript sort function


Google Autocomplete IntelliSense

If you have a large site offering many products, many users may not know where to start to quickly find the products or information they need.  Google Search Autocomplete is another smart feature that will show as a dropdown below the search query as they type and display previous site searches by users, along with your visitors’ own search history. 

This option can be presented to all users or a specific demographic.

Upcoming enhancements will upgrade this feature to only filter and present results from your own site.


Take Action

To utilize any of theses free variants all you need to do is register for a free twik account.  From there you will only be a few clicks away from copying and pasting in small snippets of code that will give your site instant superpowers to enhance your visitors’ user experience.