JavaScript variants library

Explore Twik's free collection of JavaScript variants to enhance the user experience, increase engagement, boost retention, and raise the conversion rate.

Scroll Back to Form Button

Add a Scroll back to form button


Sticky Header Script

You can now turn your website's menu into a floating sticky header with just one click. Your visitors don't have to scroll back to the top of your page to navigate around your website.


Mobile Call to Action Float

Engage your visitors by displaying a floating Call to Action button in your website’s mobile view, as a sleek top or bottom bar.


Automatic Currency Converter

Display prices in local currency based on a visitor's location


Google Autocomplete IntelliSense

Add content-driven search suggestions to your webpages’ search box. Use the plug-and-play IntelliSense script to show a history of user search on your website.


Mobile Scroll to Top

Assist your visitors to scroll to the top of the mobile page with one click.


Social Sharing Bar

Easily add social media buttons to your webpage. Your content will be easy to share with just one click.


Accessibility Toolbar

Add Accessibility options to your webpage to accommodate different disabilities.


Autoselect Country

Use Twik's integrated country-detection feature to automatically select the user's country if there is a dropdown in your form. If the user is from the United States and the form contains a dropdown for the state, Twik autoselects that too.


Autocomplete Form Script

This script adds an "autocomplete" tag to various fields in your form to help visitors complete them quicker.


Smart Sort

Smart sort automatically sorts results based on user's metrics and displays the most relevant data for this unique user.


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