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CashCow +1 to Cart

This variant allows you to change the default quantity  of every product from 0 to 1. Connect this variant to the "body" selector in twik, or place it in a <script> tag nested in your HTML's <body>.


Input Validation

Create a selector in twik for the input field you would like to validate. Connect it to this variant to set up a validation stage for the input entered - set a 'trigger_value' in the script and as many correct values as you need. Choose the texts you wish to be displayed in the dialogue and error message. Once a correct answer is provided, the user


Currency Converter for Dynamic Pages

Convert your site's currency to your visitors local currency. Connect this variant to your price selectors in any dynamic page.


Notifications Request Popup

Does your site offer push notifications? Use this script to deliver it in a user friendly, unobtrusive way. This script adds a popup to prompt the user if they wish to receive notifications from your site. The script is highly customizable – change the CSS properties to add any styling of your choosing, and even change the notification text to ma


Scroll Back to Form Button

Floating scroll back-to-form button keeps users click away from your web-form.  Some websites have the form only above the fold. On other websites, users can scroll past the form or render form not visible. In these cases floating call-to-action button is especially useful. This button instantly takes users back to filling out the form. To add


Sticky Header Script

Sticky header or ""fixed navigation menu"" remains visible and in the same position when user scrolls down. Sticky navigation became very important in the recent years as more webistes add infinite scroll to their pages. Sticky navigation provides additional support for users with lower confidance level. Even if your website does not have a hard co


Mobile Call to Action Float

Add this variant to the mobile version of your website to increase conversions. Your visitors will see a sleek floating bottom bar that engages them to stay in contact and click your main Call to Action button. Simply select your call to action button in twik, append the script and let it do the rest for you.


Automatic Currency Converter

This variant personalized your e-commerce pages by automatically converting foreign currency to your visitors’ local currency. This way your visitors see the currency they use on a daily basis. Add this script to the body of your page and let it do the rest.


Google Autocomplete IntelliSense

Use this plug-and-play IntelliSense script to add Google based autocomplete combined with latest site searches onto your search inputs. Choose your search box in Twik, append this script and choose an audience (it can be everyone!) to which you wish to deliver this variant.


Mobile Scroll to Top

Mobile scroll to the top feature is particularly important for long pages or indefinite scroll pages. Users experience is notably enhanced when they can jump to the top of the page with just one click.


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