In today’s competitive marketplace, a user’s digital experience determines their relationship with your business. To make those experiences both personal and meaningful, Twik allows you to automatically deliver tailored content specific to their needs and preferences.
Streamline your relationships by personalizing experiences

We help target market opportunities unique to your business

Twik is a robust marketing technology that automatically identifies form submissions and tracks site conversions in an easy-to-use dashboard.

After installing the WordPress plugin, you can integrate Pardot and other CRM services with Twik to streamline your lead generation. Whenever a unique user submits a form, it’ll automatically be captured as a conversion on our reports for future personalization of that user segment.

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B2B Features

Deliver marketing messages that improve ROI

Experiment with the marketing copy on your landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages and more.

Use data to deliver value

Segment data from your personalized site to visualize the performance of your experiments.

Innovate on-boarding

Start the on-boarding process the moment a new user arrives to your site by targeting your pre-funnel KPIs.

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B2B Features

Engage customers throughout the entire lifecycle

Serve personalized content to each and every user, whether they are a potential client, a newcomer, or an existing client.

Exponentially scale services and solutions

Tweak every element on your site to perfect your call to action and watch conversions grow.

Adapt efficiently to industry trends

Deliver personalized content that automatically understands the changing interests in your industry.

Twik can shorten the form while retaining the same data as the full form.

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