Gamers care as much about their data as you do. Their high scores and unlocked achievements offers widespread fame while revealing their long term commitments to a game. The future of marketing for the gaming industry includes automating content to provide a special and unique experience between play.
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Personalizing your gaming business is the next big thing

Twik innovates from the ground up by fine-tuning your online marketing and automating value for your gamers. The insights you unlock for your business allows for customized content to be served depending on gender, age, device type and more.

Automatically segment your gamers to understand who are the big spenders and offer content they’re hoping to see. For both hardcore gamers and newbies, Twik is a marketing tool that can improve threshold of engagement and increase retention for your game.

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Gaming Features

Unleash personal features

Tailor every deal, discount, and offer using automated personalized content to connect gamers with the stuff they love.

Fine-tune your funnel

Analyze, segment, and compare your data to improve the performance of your sales funnels.

Demo plays

Easily track free demo plays to trigger an opt-in dialog once the gamer has utilized their free play tokens. Tokens can be created using weighted funnels to determine the permitted amount of free plays per user.

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Gaming Features

Boost conversions

Tweak elements on your website and produce call to actions that drive conversions.

No confusion. No code.

Experiment with different headlines, copy, and images without ever knowing how to code.

Increase ROI & ad placements

Understand user behaviour to optimize ad placement and maximize ROI.

Win the gaming industry

Deliver personalized content based on a gamer’s persona, industry, and interests.

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