Digital channels and mobile devices allow you to gain deep insights about your customers. With Twik, you can automate insights across your entire website and serve relevant experiences your audiences while attracting other users just like them.
Get personal with your customers

Twik helps you personalize every path throughout your customer’s journey

Cater to the ever changing demands of personalized entertainment by staying competitive in the media industry. Integrating machine learning into your business allows you to deliver a steady stream of relevant content for both new and returning users.

Whether you offer subscription packages or one-time purchases, Twik automatically understands your entire sales funnel so you can focus on experimenting with the success of your business.

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Media Features

Maximize subscriber conversions

Deliver personalized content that will resonate with your users and turn them into paying customers.

Optimize your ad revenue

Experiment with banner designs and ad placements for optimal profitability.

Supply entertaining value

Display offers and new features to attract new and returning users to subscribe.

Strengthen campaigns and special offers

Display offers and new features that attract new and returning users to subscribe.

Age group is 45-51
Connected to Spotify
Langauge in region is Spanish
Media Features

Personalize iFrame ads

Twik can run from your iFrames to personalize your banners and ads

Improve access to premium content

Automated personalization serves the right content and the right time. Engage your audience and improve subscriptions, sign-ups, and sales.

Create retargeting groups based on Twik’s KPIs

Create custom retargeting groups for your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. With ourunique re-targeting pixels, you can target your returning users and also those that are consumersof your competitors.

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