Give users an experience that goes beyond a flight ticket, hotel booking, or a local meal. With Twik, you can offer exactly what they’re looking for 𑁋 fond memories, real value, and convenience.
Give your customers an unforgettable adventure

Twik helps you deliver personalized experiences that customers want from travel

With Twik, you can target travelers based on weather conditions in their location. If someone is located in a cold region, you can automatically deliver your warm destinations for a convenient escape.

For the savvy budget traveler, Twik allows you to serve personalized travel offers based on their average household income.

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Travel Features

Target every traveler’s interest

Promote your best offers and deals by serving tailored content based on local weather,household income, and geographic targeting.

Automate upsells and cross-sells

Promote relevant deals and upgrades that provide the best conversions using machine learning algorithms.

Optimize the mobile experience

Provide a seamless experience from initial booking to final check out by tailoring every customer’s experience on mobile.

Cold weather in the area
Hot weather in the area
Household income is above $75K
Travel Features

Design a seamless booking experience

Experiment with every element on your site to reduce the number of abandoned bookings and entice customers to come back for more.

Build a strong digital foundation

Customers expect businesses to address their needs. Use the dashboard to personalize and analyze deep data and create and optimal experience for your customers.

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