Our mission is to bring personalization to everyone.

Twik is the only personalization platform that takes 1 minute to setup by implementing a single snippet to deploy GDPR-compliant pre-funnel profiling capabilities.
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What is Twik?

Twik is a cloud platform that tailors content and user experience (UX) according to each visitor’s demographical and behavioral data. It features tens of key performance indicators that you can target with based on real-time actions. Twik understands your objectives as a site owner and serves each of your users with personalized funnels designed to enhance their experience and increase conversions.



Roi Sorezki


Roi Sorezki has been involved in the internet optimization and marketing community since 1997 when, as a teenager, he founded his first company specializing in web development and design.

Yossi Gadol


A Software developer, data architect and system engineer with almost 20 years of expirience in developing and utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Dan Schamir


Dan Schamir is the VP business development at Twik. He has over 20 years of experience in the online marketing field, running campaigns worldwide of over $1 billion dollars in total.

Stav Romano


Stav is a certified fraud examiner and internal auditer with years of experience in fraud detection for Fahn Kanne & Co. She is accountable for the administrative and financial operations of the company. 

Moran Katz


Moran leads the company's business operations globally, providing leadership, direction, and oversight toward the achievement of agency goals and objectives.

Daniel Alter

Head of UX

Daniel Alter is a UI/UX expert with experience designing mobile and desktop web applications. He's passionate about making the experience and interfaces useful, efficient, and appealing.

Hadar Nutels


Hadar manages and directs the Content Division utilizing data and analytic tools to evolve content offerings and delivery mechanisms to maximize user experience and engagement.

Roman Horsun


Roman Hursun is responsible for building the client-side of our web applications. He translates our company and customer needs into functional and appealing interactive applications using React.JS in an agile environment

Shir Levy


Shir collaborates with our clients to ensure a smooth implementation and apply industry knowledge to optimize configurations and utilization and recommend modifications to further business and implementation objectives

What we believe

Values to live by


We’re not just passionate about what we do, we truly love it. We’re not just passionate about what we do, we truly love it.


We work tirelessly to remain a dynamic force and be ahead of the curve. We work tirelessly to remain a dynamic force and be ahead of the curve.


We know how important your communications are. We know how important your communications are.

Our story


Q1 2017

Started development of Twik

Bootstrap of V1. Proxy for selectors, variants via URL, client-side injection, Adwords extension for 2017 version.

Q2 2017

Pivot change: proxy and post-dom script to frontend based personalization tool (first of its kind).

First PoC- Novisign. landing page conversions increased 38, decrease of CPC due to increased quality score.

Q3 2017

First wireframe and plan completion of refactored version.

Q4 2017

Addition of pre-funnel profiling, audience segmentation, BI tool, and analytics. PoC with Bobstores.

PoC onboarding of Sorezki LTD agency client; CloudEndure, on new platform.

Q1 2018

Refactoring planning of Twik. PoCs with Intralot, Bringg, N2WS.

Q2 2018

Landing pages and media for new site.

Documentation, licensing, & legal for clients. Started development of refactored version. LinkedIn scraper for guerilla marketing.

Q3 2018

Completion of new site, QA of refactored version, lead generation, lead nurturing, paid campaigns, LinkedIn scraper, contact with local PPC agencies.

Website & LinkedIn scraper launch

Q4 2018

Beta to be released, PPC campaigns, plan expos. Twik is to be a part of John Bryce syllabus, media tech and high tech courses for social marketing.

Product release, launch of SEO & link-building campaigns, affiliate & solution partners programs (such as MYD).

First webinar and demos to be released with auto onboarding funnel. Courses of Twik in John Bryce Colleges across Israel and partnership with Novisign.

Q1 2019

Development of ecommerce basket products, meta data, and values detection to automatically recognize objectives within ecommerce websites.

Improve personalization based on comleted deals, deal values, acquired products , wish lists, and add to cart buttons.

Q2 2019

Addition of page sitewide twiks such as meta data, currency conversions, and verbalism.

Q3 2019

Addition of dynamic external selectors enabling scraping and deployment of content from external sources.

Q4 2019

Monthly ROI positive balance sheet, the company reaches a point its self-funded and growing Q by Q in revenue.

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