Personalized Experiences for Every Traveler

So how can a digital travel company create and manage all the possible variations of ads that would be needed to appeal to a broad range of customers combined with an infinite variety of destinations and travel experiences?

Companies have to create individual ads for each offer, or demographic they target. Sometimes they even have to do multiple ads for the same demographic to determine which one would perform the best. You can see how this can quickly become a massive undertaking that requires a tremendous amount of hands-on management.

There is a better way. The twik platform utilizes machine learning algorithms and BI technology to personalize travel content automatically and offers to increase conversions. Here are some of the features that can help you offer each unique user precisely what they are seeking.

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Detailed Targeting

twik allows you to serve tailored content based on multiple targeting variables such as weather, geography, age/gender, and household income. January seems like a good time to present a get-away trip to the Bahamas to people living in Chicago experiencing the coldest winter on record. The platform will automatically display the offer that matches their budget, location, and other variables.

Automated Upselling and Cross-selling

Once your user has begun their booking journey, twik’s machine learning algorithms will display the most relevant deals and upgrades among all configured variants. For example, historical data may indicate that people above a certain household income are more likely to respond to a specific upgrade offer or add-on service, added to twik as variants. The platform will only present those offers to those users.  

Optimized Mobile Experience

Today’s travelers use a mobile device while booking a trip, boarding a plane, checking in or out of hotels, and signing up for local tours and excursions. twik allows you to optimize and customize user experience every step of the way.    

Seamless Booking

If a user experiences even a little bit of friction navigating your site, it may cause them to abandon your website and never return. The twik platform allows you to constantly refine the booking process and deliver a simple but complete experience to execute a transaction quickly.

Deep Analytics

The twik dashboard gives you insightful access to all your historical data as well as a real-time performance of active campaigns running on your domains. This overview of all your activities provides actionable insights that will directly impact the user experience in a positive manner and increase conversions.

When booking travel experiences, users are looking for an escape from their daily grind. Using twik, you can immediately set the scene they are seeking by delivering tailored, personalized content that will transport them to the beach with their toes in the sand and a cold drink in their hand. twik will help you deliver memorable travel experiences that will have your customers returning again and again for years to come.  

Try it now. See what twik can do for your travel marketing with our free 14-day evaluation period.

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