Privacy Policy


You submit personal data that includes your email address, phone number etc. when registering a user account with us. Our team stores all information safely and responsibly, using the collected data to effectively deliver our service to you. Upon installation of our products on your website or mobile app accounts, we are able to gather anonymous data about your page visitors and users.

This Privacy Policy details the privacy practices of Twik Technologies Ltd (“We or Twik”) in reference to the gathering of information about the users of from hereon collectively referred to “Site” and is a segment of the Terms of Use. This document clarifies the occasions and methods used when Twik gathers customer information, the manner in which this data is utilized and the scenarios in which the disclosure of information to third parties may occur. The protection of your private information is immensely important to Twik. Capitalized terms within the Privacy Policy that are not specifically defined in this document hold the same definition as per our Terms of Use. By visiting or using this Site, you unambiguously consent to allow us to gather, use and disclose your personal information as described in any part of this Privacy Policy.

The type of data we collect

In order to use the Services which are designed to host your website statistics on our servers, it is necessary to complete an account registration in order to access the selected services. During the registration process you will be prompted to submit personal information including, but not limited to:

  • Email address - Twik will possibly collect information such as the first and/or surname of the user, their browser type and version, country, city etc. and this information for future use.

Service Specific Information (Applicable to on-page Surveys and Recordings)

In the event that a Twik customer selects specific Services that require data pertaining to the end users of the customer's websites, Twik's customers can specify and select the nature and type of information or data they wish to gather from their website’s end users in as per the terms and conditions of the Term of Service. Any data gathered by Twik customers is subject to their own relevant Privacy Policy. Twik's Privacy Policy is not applicable to any eventual end user data that may be acquired or accessed during the execution of a specific service on behalf on the customers.

How information is used

When visitors access a website that has integrated Twik as a background process, our servers automatically acquire and store information that your website automatically generates while the website is being used. The type of information that server logs record can include, but is not limited to data such as your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, browser user agent, and single or multiple cookies that may reveal the unique identity of your browser. Any information that is revealed to Twik by the Customer on the Site is considered approved for use by Twik and its subsidiaries for the purpose of analysis, personalization of services and development for an improved customer experience.

Any correspondence with Twik, whether via email or other communication channels, may be recorded and stored for the purpose of inquiry processing, responding to Customer requests and the ongoing improvement of Twik’s services.

Twik will not disclose your personal information without your permission or unless obligated to do so by the law.

Twik will not release your website / mobile app statistics without prior permission.

Twik will utilize your personal data solely for the purpose of implementing product improvements and delivering existing and newly developed services to users.

In the event that Twik partakes in a merger, acquisition, or any change that includes selling some or all of its assets, Twik will notify you before any of your personal data is relocated and falls under another privacy policy.

Disclosure of information to third parties

It is possible that we will reveal segments of accumulated, non-identifiable information to external parties, such as the quantity of websites employing the services of Twik. Information of this nature does not specifically identify you as an individual. In addition, right of entry to personal data will be reserved exclusively for employees, consultants and managers, for whom access to this information is vital in order to successfully operate, modify or advance our services. These parties are contractually obligated to uphold confidentiality and can experience disciplinary measures, including the dissolution of employment and legal action, if they do not comply with these requirements. We do not hold authority over any websites that may be linked to our site. These external websites could potentially implement their own cookies and files on your device, gather data or request private information from you.

Protection of your information

Twik employs professional security technology to safeguard Twik's Customer Information and Customer User Data stored on Twik's server. These mechanisms include protection against data loss, exploitation and unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and damage. These security measures include restricted and password-protected access, high-security public/private keys, encryption on processed data, and TLS for effective protection during data transfer. However, it is important to remember that no security system is one hundred percent infallible. It may be possible for an external party to divert or access Twik's Customer Information and Customer User Data despite the security measures in place. This is a highly unlikely possibility, but in such scenarios, Twik cannot warrant the security of your information and is therefore not to be considered responsible for the unapproved access to Twik's Customer accounts.

Amendments to the privacy policy

Twik maintains the right to occasionally change or revise this Privacy Policy. Any material modifications to methods of Personally Identifiable Information collection, usage or disclosure processes will be previously announced in the form of a coherent and visible announcement on the Site, as well as via email correspondence prior to the change taking effect. Twik employs remarketing to advertise services on the Internet platform. In addition to the Google Analytics cookie, the DoubleClick cookie is a piece of data gathered by Google using the browsing history of the user. This data assists us in building a better understanding of the demographics, interests and preferences of our website visitors. These statistics generate non-identifiable reports so all information remains anonymous and cannot be linked to personal information you may have submitted to us.

If you wish to be exempt from this reporting, please adjust your configuration by visiting the Google's Ad Settings page.

The terms and conditions in addition to the privacy policies with all references, make up the sole and complete agreement of all parties to this agreement in regards to the terms and subjects specified within this document, and overrules all other terms and conditions previously agreed to by the Customer.

For any questions related to this Privacy Policy or to learn more about data collection by, please contact us at