Whether you’re curating the perfect product choice or engaging with your loyal customers, automation lets you deliver what’s really trending in your store. Twik lets you personalize your shop and show your customers only what they want.
Get personal with your customers

Twik helps your store stand out and sell out

Understanding your customers allows you to resonate with your shoppers and scale your online store. With Twik, your ‘Add to Cart’ buttons and completed orders are automatically recognized and tracked within an easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether it’s a cold day in Canada or a typhoon in Taiwan, automatically feature content and offers for warm clothes and rain gear to increase your rate of sales. When you have the tools to create, manage, and deliver a personalized online shopping experience, customers will be coming back for more.

Contact sales

Start selling on first arrival

Inspire your first time visitors to buy and check out by serving tailored content. Reduce their time looking around the site for the desired products.


Pre-create special offers for events and holidays, like Black Friday or Christmas, by scheduling inadvance holiday display and offers.

Connect & capture customer’s heart and mind

Give your shoppers personalized content to increase loyalty and conversions.

New visitor
Connected to gaming networks
Weather is 38°C (100°F)

Event driven targeting

Use geographic location and local weather to target customers based on their current location onto improve sales.

Reduce abandoned carts

Tweak every element of your storefront to find a checkout flow that works.

Personalization is the hook

Give your customers a shopping experience that reinforces all the reasons why they shop from you in the first place.

Tailor every customer experience

Collect anonymous and actionable data to create experiments that target everything your customer wants.

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