Privacy and GDPR Compliance

We assure our clients they are working with a GDPR compliant platform that respects and  protects the user’s privacy. Twik is the first of its kind tool that is able to profile the user using pre funnel KPIs. Twik uses a proprietary GDPR-compliant fingerprinting technology to anonymously target & re-target users without the use of cookies or local storage.

About the GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on 25 May 2018. Its goals are to provide privacy and data protection and respect personal data of EU subjects. It is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe and to protect all EU citizens data privacy.

Twik is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Below you will find the GDPR checklist and all the various elements Twik is compliant with.

Twik compliance
Storage of Data and Cross-Border Transfers
All customer information is stored in Twik’s Ohio database so there’s no transfer across borders.
In Accordance with the Definition of a Data Processor
As defined, a data processor “Processes Personal Data on behalf of the Controller”, Twik is a services that does not process personal data.
Representation of Controllers Subject to Authorization
Twik gathers only non-identifiable information that is submitted as non-personal data within the execution of an appropriate contract with the controller. In the event of a termination of the agreement for data processing, Twik promptly discontinues the collection and analysis of data acquired via the customer’s website and destroys the existing records within a reasonable deadline following a request for data deletion.
Employment and Function of a Data Privacy Officer (DPO)
In the interest of fulfilling privacy regulations and ongoing development of the privacy program, Twik has appointed Mr Yossi Gadol to the position of Data Privacy Officer.
eliability and Privacy-  Safeguarding Personal Data (security) - Part A
Twik implements advanced technical and organizational measures (“TOMS”), including the appointment of an Information Security Officer to ensure the protection of Personal Data.
Confirmation of Adherence to GDPR
Any processing executed on behalf of the controller is saved to Twik’s logs, the company DPO is at the user’s disposal to respond to queries and a data processing addendum is entered into as a mutual agreement.
Legal, Fair and Transparent Activity - Part A
Twik does not engage in the collection and/or processing of any personally identifiable data.  The non-personal data that is collected and processed is done so in a lawful manner. All Twik customers are provided with insight into Twik’s transparent processing activities.
Legal, Fair and Transparent Activity - Part B
In order to maintain lawfulness, Twik enters into Data Processing Agreements with its customers in the form of “consent” or “legitimate interest” documents, thereby obtaining permission from the customer in the position of a Controller.
Purpose Limitations of Processing Personal Data
Twik gathers data for the purpose of executing analysis of user behavior and experience customization. This is achieved through the collection of non-personal data only. The data acquired by Twik from its customer is not combined with any data collected by other customers and there is no sharing of data with external parties unless due to legal obligation.
Minimization and Proportionality of Data in Processing
Twik’s policy is to not retain any data that is not needed or aligned with its goal of improving its service and delivering a personalized experience to their users.  In future, recording of IP addresses will be discontinued, while Customer’s credit card information is never saved.
Maintaining Accuracy of Processed Data
Twik has devised a system that allows the controller to submit new CRM data, ensuring the most accurate representation of data and the eradication of any data errors or misappropriations.
Limitations to Storage when Processing Personal Data
Twik does not store personal data, thereby making these limitations inapplicable.
Accountability of Processors working with Personal Data
Twik’s privacy program is constantly developing and improving under the direction of the DPO and with the valuable input from customer feedback. In addition to maintaining optimization, the DPO also collaborates with controllers to deal with inquiries and potential security breaches.
Rights of the End User -  Deletion, Correction and Export of Personal Data
Twik works together with controllers to address any of the requests their end users may have in regards to their data.
Transparency through Provision of Information
Twik committedly collaborates with controllers on matters concerning data requests from their customers.