How to Create a Chatbot without Code

Chatbots are finding their way into every area of our everyday lives.  Auditory chatbots built into products as well as textual chatbots on websites.
Simply put, chatbots are designed to simulate a human to human conversation. They scan the inputted text and offer relevant replies based on matching keywords.

Elements of a successful chatbot:

Defined Purpose

It is important to put some thought into your strategy for creating a chatbot.  What is the purpose of the chatbot? Is it to provide information, resolve customer service issues, or enhance and advance the user experience?  Begin with the end in mind.

Tone of Voice

Understanding who your audience will help you utilize messages that resonate.  A friendly greeting and using terms and words used by your audience sends a signal that you are in tune with their needs and interests.

Complete Conversation Flows

Take the time to map out the different conversation flows you are expecting to address with your chatbot.  Test your chatbot extensively to ensure that you have created valid pathways that will enable your users to get the information they need to continue the customer journey.


Benefits of using twik chatbot compared to non-twik chatbot

twik free chatbot generator:  No coding skills required!

The chatbot builder guides you through the process of building a complete conversation flow for your chatbot.  Once you are done, simply copy and paste a short JavaScript code snippet into your website.  

chatbot maker

Create targeted messages and interactions based on multiple variables.

Many businesses sell their products and services to a wide demographic. When implementing the chatbot as a variant, twik’s BI capabilities allow you to provide specific messaging that is more relevant based on geolocation, gender, household income, weather, and more.  Make your chatbot come to life and enrich the engagement with the diverse range of users that visit your site.

Initiate a virtual introduction for your business.

New visitors to your website are looking for a visually pleasing space that they can explore and find the information they need as they continue their customer journey.  Chatbots can act as a friendly guide to help users quickly find what they are looking for and deepen overall engagement.  

Improve lead generation and conversion with Google Forms.

Many user’s attention spans are short and many are reluctant to share personal data.  twik’s chatbot functionality integrates directly with Google forms, which allows you to gather this data during more personal conversations in a less intrusive manner. 

lead generation chatbot

Increase engagement and User Experience.

Most users today are used to engaging using short messages in text form and prefer to text over talking on the phone.  Chatbots are a new layer of communication that is no longer optional for companies looking to put their best foot forward in the digital landscape.  Chatbots allow visitors to be proactively welcomed or ask if they need help. Many users first look for a chat icon on a webpage to help them navigate instead of scrolling or looking through drop-down menus. 

engagement chatbot

Simplify support while maintaining flexibility and control.

twik’s chatbot builder makes it quick and easy to create new conversations and flows as well as to revise existing chatbot scenarios. Furthermore, when combined with twik’s AI, chatbots can be delivered based on performance and effectiveness.  There is no limit to the depth and direction the chatbot can guide a user. Sometimes the path is simple and straightforward. Other times you may need a few more layers are branches in the conversation tree.

Customer support chatbot

Maximize ROI 

At the end of the day, it comes down to revenue and ultimately profit.  Whether you are a brick and mortar business, exclusively online, or some combination of both; your website may be the most important asset of your company.  You have invested a significant amount of time to build and maintain your website. Chatbots can add an additional proactive layer of engagement to a static website that directly impacts the bottom line.  Increased lead generation, conversions, appointment bookings, newsletter sign-ups and more are all enhanced by the effective use of chatbots.

Boost SEO 

How much time users spend on your site is one of the key variables that Google looks at when computing page rankings. Chatbots that can assist users in a timely and effective manner will keep them moving forward in the customer journey, cause them to spend more time on your site, and ultimately increase your overall SEO.